A Seasonal You.


We've been changing with the seasons. Summer is ending, there's a chill in the air, and we're changing with the leaves. We didn't know much about each other two months ago. We knew the basics. The roots. We were just green leaves hanging onto branches. But now we're changing colors. We're developing character with each new color that shows up, with each leaf that falls onto the ground. We're no longer perfect, one toned, crisp, green leaves. We have speckles and spots. Cuts and bruises. We're changing with the leaves. Soon the leaves will all have fallen to the ground. Most will be said, out in the open. We won't be green leaves anymore. Or brown, orange, yellow, or red. We won't even be leaves attached to stems anymore. We will be bare trees, holding on throughout the winter. Just trying to survive. Remembering when we were crisp green leaves. Just learning about one another. Simple. But the most beautiful part about New England? The seasons are constantly changing.